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Just How This Year's LOL All-Stars Event Will Be Played?


What is the All-Star LoL Event


The League of Legends All-Star Event will be held from December 18-20 and will be played entirely online. This new format brings gamers and gaming influencers together with professional players from across the world.


What's the name of these two brand new stages?


The new structure online includes two brand new stages dubbed Underdog Uprising and Superstar Showdown.


In the course of Underdog Uprising on December 18 There will be head-to-head games between players from adjacent regions. Teams will consist of top pros as voted by fans. What is the all-star LOL event? The League of Legends All-Star Event is an event that is akin to an exhibition. It is open to both professional players as well as League Partner Program members, as well as a group of LoL streamers.


Superstar Showdown will take place on December 19-20. There will be three superteams representing the LCK, LCS and LEC.




Underdog Uprising


Underdog Uprising will begin Friday on December 18 with head-to-head games between the neighboring regions. Smaller regions will take on their most powerful rivals. These teams will be made up of the top pros that are voted on by the fans.


It will also include matches between teams that represent the LCK, PCS, and OCE and the LPL, VCS, and LJL as well as the LCS, LLA, and CBLOL and the LEC, TCL, and LCL.




The Superstar Showdown will be held between December 19 and 20. It will feature three "superteams" comprising the LCK, LCS and LEC. The LCK and LPL will face off on the Saturday, and LCS and the LCS and LEC will be playing on Sunday. At you can get the complete answer to What is the all-star LOL event?


A special Red Bull one-vs-one tournament will also take place within each of the four regions. The first round will be streamed live on Dec. 18, while the semifinals and grand finals will be on Dec. 19 and 20.


Who will take the final decision?


Five top-rated pros from LCK and LPL will take on a best of three showdown. Naturally this will not be normal Summoner Rift matches, and will have a twist.


The LCS and LEC will have their top vote-getters select five-player "dream teams". Each captain will choose two pros from each area to mix it up. The teams will compete in a special best-of-three form.


On Saturday, LCK and LPL will be on the stage. Sunday will see either the LCS or LEC appear on the stage.


Red Bull 1v1 will host an exclusive competition in each of these regions. The first stage is scheduled for December 18 The semifinals will follow and finals on the 19th and 20th of December.


Fans will have the opportunity to vote for one professional in each of the roles through the voting campaign known as "All Star Voting Powered By Alienware." The voting period runs from November 9 to 16.


Most matches played at this year's All-Stars will put prize money dedicated to pre-selected charities in the event. The names of the charities the teams have decided to help will be announced in the weeks leading up to the game.


What steps will Riot use to solve Ping issues?


Riot recognizes that influencers and players will be playing on higher speed than offline events. This is why "matchups are specifically chosen to provide a great experience for all players and viewers." They are working closely with regions to select the ideal server location for every match to maximize the ping as much possible.


Catch the League of Legends All-Stars 2020 on Riot Games' official channels.