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What Exactly Is Cloud Gaming? Advantage And Disadvantage Of Using Cloud Gaming

Revisiting the question of Cloud gaming

As you know, whenever we make use of computers it uses a number of sources like hard disks networks, hard disks, and so forth. What happens in cloud computing is that one computer can access resources data from another computer or server The computer also has access to the resources of other computers from data centers. Share resources, such as network, storage, processing power, etc. The servers or data centers are located all over the globe. In a standard computer, there's the storage device(hard disk) to store data, but when you need more storage you can either buy a hard disk or utilize the cloud computing service. Cloud computing simple language you could use, is a service, or a means to share your computer's storage, resources, and data on the internet.

Now the same method or concept used in cloud gaming.

What is Cloud Gaming?

If you are a low-end computer user, but you still want to enjoy high-quality graphics, cloud gaming is a good alternative. You can access all resources like graphics processing, rendering, network remotely on your computer through the online servers. There is no need to invest a lot of money on an gaming system or an expensive console that has high graphics and processing capabilities. As with your standard PC, you will experience the same experience of gaming as a high-end gaming setup. All you need is your keyboard and mouse, all rendering and processing work is completed by the server by using the internet, you can access the resources, like processing power, graphics rendering power and more.

Revisiting the question of Cloud gaming Cloud gaming, although you don't require a top-of-the-line PC, you will need a very good internet connection. Because the gaming resources share online, as well as all the gaming data like rendering graphics, texture shadows, game physics, game mechanics are heavily processing tasks. Therefore, you require a reliable connection. It could cause serious problems. A Low-speed internet connection can slow your game.

Cloud Gaming's Benefits

You don't have to spend much money to buy a gaming console. It would not be necessary to upgrade your console or PC.

You can play games on Windows PC, Mac, Linux depending on your preference. No matter what type of computer you have. Cloud gaming makes games independent of any platform.

There is no need for maintenance. Cloud gaming is a great option. don't need to maintaining any kind of thing.

Some games require downloads of 20GB, 30GB or more. Cloud gaming allows you to play right away without having to download anything.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Gaming:

Gamers need a reliable internet connection.

In certain areas there are places where an internet connection with a good quality isn't possible. This may not be an issue if you pay an affordable price.

If the connection is not working the gamer is unable to play.

Cloud gaming requires lots of bandwidth. For a single hour of gaming, you can consume up to 25GB of bandwidth.

Cloud gaming is not offered by many companies, but there are a few such alternatives such as Gaikai and Onlive.

Cloud gaming service charge applicable for playing games.